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We're on a mission to put electric vehicles in reach of every Australian.

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We're on a mission

Vyro is decreasing emissions by increasing electric vehicle sales and vehicle utilisation.

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Australia needs change

Did you know?

  • Transport in Australia is responsible for 19% of our total greenhouse gas emissions
  • We have 45% higher emissions per capita than the OECD average
  • Air pollution caused by tailpipe emissions is the cause of death for over 1700 Australians per year
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We see a bright future

With your help, we will:

  • Achieve net-zero carbon emissions in the transport sector
  • Accelerate the shift to 100% renewable energy
  • Position Australia as climate-change pioneers on the global stage

We’re the team to make this happen

Tanvir Uddin Co-Founder & CFO

Tanvir Uddin

Co-Founder & CFO

Finance & operations

Will Wise Co-Founder & CEO

Will Wise

Co-Founder & CEO


Tessa Fields Co-Founder & CMO

Tessa Fields

Co-Founder & CMO

Growth & marketing


Meet the team that's disrupting Australia’s car industry

Meet the team that's disrupting Australia’s car industry

Published 09/11/2021

Here at Vyro we’re on a mission to put electric vehicles (EVs) in reach of every Australian. Australia’s transport sector accounts for 19% of our total carbon emissions. More than 1,500 Australians die every year from air pollution caused by tailpipe emissions. And our country is becoming a “third world dumping ground” for old petrol vehicles.

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A one-way street sign in Australia

2.5 years on and we haven't looked back

Published 02/09/2021

Switching to an electric vehicle can feel like a big change. We spoke to Warwick Bowen, a proud Tesla Model S owner from South Australia, who made the leap about two and a half years ago now and here's what he has to say to anyone looking to follow him on his journey to sustainable mobility.

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