The ultimate guide to buying an electric car in Australia


The ultimate guide to buying an electric car in Australia

Thinking of buying an electric car? There’s never been a better time... but we also know that all of the information online can be overwhelming. So, we've put together this guide, to cover everything you need to know when buying an electric car in Australia.

We'll cover all of the FAQs that we get here at Vyro, bust some common myths and outline the key things you need to know before going electric.

This free guide covers:

  1. What are electric cars?
  2. Are electric cars really better than petrol/diesel cars?
  3. How electric vehicles work
  4. How to charge an electric vehicle
  5. How far can electric cars really travel?
  6. 3 things to consider when buying an electric vehicle
  7. How much you can save by switching to electric
  8. The environmental benefits of switching to an EV
  9. Which EVs are currently available in Australia
  10. How you can buy an electric vehicle in Australia‍

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