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You beaut! Electric utes on the horizon for Australia

Drivers want a ute that’s able to take on our big, broad, robust country, but without the expensive fuel, high maintenance costs, and tailpipe emissions. And in a market dominated by diesels, it’s time for some cleaner, greener alternatives.

Breakdown of government incentives across Australia

It’s official. Australia is going electric. Every state and territory now offers incentives of some shape or form to buy an electric car. But not all offers are equal.

Australian electric vehicle company charging up the industry

This week we had the pleasure of speaking with Greg McGarvie, Managing Director at the Australian Clean Energy Electric Vehicles (ACE EV) Group, an Australian electric vehicle and technology manufacturer.

The hot new electric cars coming to Australia in 2022

Demand for electric cars in Australia is heating up. So, we've put together this guide, to cover all of the vehicles that are arriving in 2022 (including some vehicles that will be exclusive to the Vyro platform).

The ultimate guide to buying an electric car in Australia

Thinking of buying an electric car? There’s never been a better time... but we also know that all of the information online can be overwhelming. So, we've put together this guide, to cover everything you need to know when buying an electric car in Australia.

David’s journey to save money and the planet

This week we sat down with David Booth to hear more about his journey to going electric.

Top 10 myths from electric car skeptics

- and why they're wrong!
Despite the growing demand for electric vehicles in Australia, there’s still a lot of negativity and misinformation out there. Here are 10 of the most frequent myths, and why they're missing the mark by an electric mile.

10 of the best road trips around Australia

- as voted by the Vyro team!
Going on a road trip is one of the great Australian past times, and one of the best ways to explore this massive country. So, the team at Vyro have put together their top 10 epic road trips around Australia. Hopefully these give you a bit of inspiration for your next trip.

Meet the team that's disrupting Australia’s car industry

Here at Vyro we’re on a mission to put electric vehicles (EVs) in reach of every Australian. We formed the business in August 2021 when we noticed that our country was falling behind the rest of the world in its adoption of sustainable cars.

Going the distance

Long trips are inevitable in the vast Australian landscape. But are electric vehicles up for the task? We spoke with David Cann, an experienced long-range electric vehicle enthusiast to answer just that.

2.5 years on and we haven't looked back

Switching to an electric car can feel like a big change. Warwick Bowen made the leap about two and a half years ago now and here's what he has to say to anyone looking to follow him on his journey to sustainable mobility. 

Three myths about electric vehicles

It's no secret that there are mixed opinions about electric cars. What they can do, how far they'll go, and what their impact on the environment will be. In this article we take a look at 3 myths around electric cars so you know what to expect - and don't believe everything you hear!

The top 3 barriers to buying an electric vehicle in Australia

Australia is an ideal market for electric vehicles, yet sales on our island country are well below the benchmarks of Europe and the United States. Why? What has slowed the inevitable flow of electric vehicles into Australia and what can be done to open the flood gates?


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