Vyro - 2.5 years on and we haven't looked back

2.5 years on and we haven't looked back

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2.5 years on and we haven't looked back

Switching to an electric car can feel like a big change. Warwick Bowen made the leap about two and a half years ago now and here's what he has to say to anyone looking to follow him on his journey to sustainable mobility. 

A proud Tesla owner

Warwick and his wife are the proud owners of a Tesla Model S, which in Warwick's words is "an amazing vehicle". Warwick lives in the pristine Adelaide Hills overlooking Adelaide City. He and his wife have a home powered partially by their own solar and prior to their Model S owned a BMW i3 (electric).


With family in Melbourne, Warwick's Tesla Model S regularly makes the ~700km journey interstate. A single top up at one of the dozens of public charging sites along the route will suffice. At a rapid charger, a Tesla Model S will be ready to hit the road again in less than 20 minutes.

"We can drive to Sydney and back for nothing". With the NRMA's electric car charging network members can top up for free at any of their 44 publicly available fast chargers.


"There is no maintenance". Warwick's Tesla Model S has just had its first service and aside from the regular safety and longevity checks, the vehicle required nothing significant. Better yet, booking the vehicle's service through the Tesla app was effortless.

"It's constantly evolving". Through Tesla's over-the-air updates, Warwick's Model S is constantly upgrading itself with new features and safety improvements. Over-the-air updates allow Tesla to improve a vehicle's operating system remotely using the internet. Think of it like updating your computer but without the need to wait for a download before you can use it – Tesla does as much as it can in the background, seamlessly.

"It's the way of the future & the future is here"

Warwick loves his Tesla Model S and the benefits that come with it are endless. 



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